It was on the 25th of September 2014 when a group of complete strangers joined a group ride with Cycle Lab Centurion(currently The Bike Company).  The ride was meant to be an easy base ride to Hartebeest and back.  The ride ended up being a test of strength and ego driven testosterone inspired journey as the guys were getting to know each other.

Before long, everyone had settled into a rhythm and riding together after the initial escapades. With these kind of rides, the group rides to Hartebees, have breakfast and then ride back.  On the way back, there group of guys decided to break away from the group and ride on their own, the ride was so much fun, it was exciting, it was energizing. It was as if they each had forged a new brotherhood that they wanted to so much hold on to and not let go.

Out of a need to build on the feelings that were felt on that day, the seeds of Vukani were sowed in the soul of each of the guys who  rode on that day. Soon, the plans to set up a cycling club that will capture the spirit were put in place.  More people were then invited, more adopted the idea and soon the numbers were growing. The team decided to use the rest of 2014 to do all preparations for registering the club and getting all the documents required for the club to run officially completed.This included registration with all the relevant authorities.