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The founding of Vukani Cycling Club

Dear Members and Associates,

Just over five months ago, we sat together in our first AGM as Vukani to formally establish Vukani Cycling Club. On this day, the 31 January 2015, Vukani Cycling Club was born.  We have since crawled, and also got up on our own two feet and started walking. Our path to adulthood will not be easy, but with the right attitude and a clear vision, we will reach our destination.

As they say, the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, we must be prepared to take the first step and not look down on small beginnings.

In line with our name, we will rise to the challenge of making a difference in the sport of cycling and our society at large. Our founding statement speaks about our passion for cycling and how it will be the catalyst to impacting society and human development.

Our time is now, we are not just any other cycling club, we are about human development and impacting society.

The following are the strides we have recorded up to this stage of our journey: 

  • Adoption of our Constitution and Founding statement containing our guiding principles,

  • Establishment as a legal entity with an appropriate governance framework that ensures accountability,

  • Club rides and club activity schedule (held every Saturday for the last three months with a support car),

  • The Hospitality at Emperors Palace and the Tshwane Classic races. These have been very well received and are growing in popularity,

  • Club Kit (although not yet subsidised, members have enthusiastically supported the process of getting the club kit - so far we have more than 20 members with full club kit),

  • Growing number of paid up members, we now have 20 paid up members and continuing to draw more people to the movement,

  • The club’s social media presence has also grown with the club website ready for launch in the next few weeks which will compliment the Facebook and Twitter presence.

    We have a long way to go still, as the father of our nation once said “as you get to the peak of one hill, you stay just for a moment, to admire the view, but you realise that after summiting one hill, that there are more hills to be climbed and more summits to be scaled” - Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom.

    This rings true for the sport of cycling as it does for life in general, some hills also look very insurmountable until you get on them and realise that they are not as bad as they look from a distance.

    We must continue to approach every hill with resilience, every challenge with determination, acknowledging that if we stand together, nothing will overcome us.

    Let us continue to be driven by the quest to make a difference in the lives of our members, individuals we come in contact with, and society at large.  




    Nat Mabetwa

    Vukani Cycling Club: Chairperson