"It is heaven upon earth to have a man’s mind move in charity, rest in providence and turn upon the poles of truth." - Francis Bacon

Our Social Responsibility Mission

Our mission to Giving

We are have 24 riders cycling from Johannesburg to Durban over the course of three days covering 600kms. This will enable VCC to successfully distribute SANITARY PADS DONATION to a selected school during the tour as part of our vision. 

 We hereby request a Donation of Sanitary Pads or Funds towards buying sanitary pads.

  How to;

a.          Donation for SANITARY PADS to VCC club (will arrange collection)


b.          Direct deposit to Vukani Cycling Club: ABSA Bank I Account No: 9306179988 I Account Type: Savings I Reference Name: {Sanitary_2019}

 Looking forward to your favourable support

Vukani Partners with CycleLab

94.7 race partnership Cyclelab promo

This promo is relevant to anyone interested in finishing 94.7 within 5-7 hours. It’s aimed at promoting the cycling sport across all races and anyone who’s interested in doing the 94.7 for the first time.

* Cost: R1500 and it includes 94.7 entry

* Start time of 07h30

* 12week training plan with CL

* Bunch ride

* Support & Marshalls on the day of the race.

* IF finish the 94.7 in (5-7hrs) you get paid 

For more information, kindly email us, contact us via Whatsapp/Facebook or you can leave message on our contact page but clicking on the below.

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